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Our clan is called eLiTe CoVeRt kiLLaZ and the clan tag is eCk.

We are a friendly bunch of dedicated ps3 gamers of all ages from all over the world.

The founders of eCk are myself GuNKa from the UK and KingKenny76 from Ireland. We are always on the lookout for members for our clan. We are currently playing KillZone 3 with regular tournaments held each week. Our clan also play anything where you have to shoot or blow stuff up. If this sounds like a clan you would consider joining please register on our website. We look forward to hearing from you.

We welcome all other clans to join our forum to and we are soon creating a Worldwide clan page with information and links to other clans.

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 Rules & Reqiurements (Read)

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PostSubject: Rules & Reqiurements (Read)   Fri Jan 16, 2009 11:49 am

These are the following Rules & Requirements that you must follow before you join the clan, so please read carefully!!!

Rules and Requirements

- To Join eCk you must be a dedicated player and good Team player with any of the Titles below:

-Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
-Call Of Duty: World At War
-Killzone 2
-Socom Confrontation
-Resident Evil 5
-I Am Alive
-Bio Shock 2
-Just Cause 2
-Mafia 2
-Lord of the rings Conquest

- When joining, please do not signup multiple accounts.

- When joining you must create a thread in this section and provide some relevant background information about yourself:

Background Information
-Games etc

- You should also provide Information of your Internet speed and whether or not you’re connected wirelessly or by cable.

- When joining you must provide information for our Roster so we know what titles you currently own.

- Also you Should signup for the following Site but please note that you must use the same username as your PSN:

- If you have or have not got “MSN Live Messenger” then please state it in your New member Thread.

- If you join you must not abuse and send racial comments to the fellow members of the clan as it is not tolerated. If so you may be warned or even removed from the clan

- If you join, remember to add your team members, Co-Leader's to your friend’s list. If you do not then this would make it difficult to play any upcoming matches or communicate. If you cannot add them due to a full list then please could you delete any inactive friends within your list.

- You Should provide yourself with a headset – if you do not own one then please could you invest in one as this is important to all clans to communicate throughout every match.

- Please use the forum respectfully and post within the correct category of which you’re posting too. No Porn!!!!

- Please keep the forum tidy and delete any threads or posts that are no longer in use.

- Please visit the forum as often as you can, this offers important information for the clan and is updated all the time.

- Within your profile, please do not give out false information such as contact details and even PSN.

Within Console Gaming

- You must keep an eye on the matches that have been accepted or even challenges that have been sent out, to make sure any players are not in any other team’s that are playing for the same date and time.

- You must when needed spectate new recruits for a trial run to see how well they do and whether or not they pass your expectations.

- You must get used to the use of Console Gaming and how to use the following features. It’s important you know how to view challenges, send and accept them and change the clan details such as a writing a message for other clans to see. It is also important to send and even reply to other clan leaders.

Current Clan Member's

- You must be online whenever a scheduled match is about to start from whichever team your playing with. It would be wise to be on about 15 minutes before the match is scheduled. This only goes to registered players from the "Upcoming Games" Events. If you register and you find out your not available then you must unregister and contact the Co-Leader or myself to let them know your not available.

- You must communicate well through your team and provide any tactical information that you wish to go through such as directions and defence or even formation. Keep everybody talking!!!

- If you are registered to a match after the exceeded amount needed then you will be noted down as a sub for that game. Whenever this occurs you must be ready from the start till the end of a scheduled game in case your needed. When your contacted for a replacement or backup by PSN, MSN or whenever your on site you must reply back to confirm your available and enter the game your requested for.

- Whenever your playing a match you Should use your headset as requested and keep yourself talking throughout the game. This is vital to keep the team updated and helps if you show where you heading, where the opponents are or hiding, where your defending or attacking and whenever you need backup. Also It is wise to put your headset on charge before any scheduled match so that it is ready and fully charged.

- Whenever somebody In your team requests you to do something such as stay behind and defend, or even give out any tactical information that may be useful - you must follow those instructions or even suggest your own as long as everybody agrees to that suggestion.

- Whenever you wish to have a match from the team your In, Please state it within this thread so that your leaders and Captains can organise it.

And most importantly Have Fun. Please Enjoy you stay here at eCk

Thank You
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eCk Team Leader
eCk Team Leader

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PostSubject: Re: Rules & Reqiurements (Read)   Fri Jan 16, 2009 9:30 pm

Thanks for making up some Rules & Reqiurements for the forum.

I will leave this topic open for now so we can see what the other members think about all this.

After reading it all I did notice it took me a good 5 mins, I preffer a quick to read set of rules.

Good job bLuE-_-FuSiOn
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PostSubject: Re: Rules & Reqiurements (Read)   Sat Jan 17, 2009 11:56 am

trust me. people actually like reading long rules, its shows that your organized, formal and care about this clan. lol!
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eCk Team
eCk Team

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PostSubject: Re: Rules & Reqiurements (Read)   Tue Jan 20, 2009 2:30 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Rules & Reqiurements (Read)   Wed Jan 21, 2009 7:08 am

Thanks Subster, I Enjoy writing meaningful threads :)
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PostSubject: Re: Rules & Reqiurements (Read)   

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Rules & Reqiurements (Read)
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