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We are a friendly bunch of dedicated ps3 gamers of all ages from all over the world.

The founders of eCk are myself GuNKa from the UK and KingKenny76 from Ireland. We are always on the lookout for members for our clan. We are currently playing KillZone 3 with regular tournaments held each week. Our clan also play anything where you have to shoot or blow stuff up. If this sounds like a clan you would consider joining please register on our website. We look forward to hearing from you.

We welcome all other clans to join our forum to and we are soon creating a Worldwide clan page with information and links to other clans.

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 Killzone 3 full list of Weapons and Unlocks

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PostSubject: Killzone 3 full list of Weapons and Unlocks   Sun Mar 13, 2011 1:58 am




PRIMARY: StA11 SMG, LS13 Shotgun, M82 Assault Rifle

SECONDARY: StA18 Pistol, M4 Revolver, M66 Machine Pistol

Primary Abilities:

REVIVE: Mortally wounded players are revived with full health and a clip of ammo.

REVIVE +: Mortally wounded players are revived with higher maximum health, 2 clips of ammo and 1 explosive.

REVIVE ++: Mortally wounded players are revived with higher maximum health, and maximum ammunition, and grenades.

Secondary Abilities:

TRIAGE: An aura of health is emitted from the Field Medic, regenerating himself and nearby faction members.

TRIAGE +: Deploys (Right on the D-PAD) a hovering Medi-Droid that will accompany the Field Medic until death.

TRIAGE ++: If still mortally wounded at the end of the respawn timer, the Field Medic will be given the option to respawn where he fell with full health and ammunition.




SECONDARY: StA-18 Pistol, VC8 Shotgun Pistol, StA-2 Battle Pistol

Primary Abilities:

REPAIR TOOL: Repair damaged or destroyed ammunition dispensers, mounted guns and automated turrets.

REPAIR TOOL +: Increases repair speed. Stacks with previous abilities.

REPAIR TOOL ++: Hack enemy placed turrets, transferring ownership until the Engineer is killed or the turret is re-hacked. Stacks with previous abilities.

Secondary Abilities:

SENTRY TURRET: Deploy a machine-gun turret that will automatically target and fire at enemies in range.

SENTRY TURRET +: Turret's firing rate is increased and can be deployed twice as fast as before.

SENTRY TURRET ++: Deployed turrets can now track targets faster and are augmented with auto-fire rockets that fire every few seconds.



PRIMARY: StA-14 Rifle, StA-11 SMG, VC-32 Sniper Rifle

SECONDARY: StA-18 Pistol, VC8 Shotgun Pistol, M66 Machine Pistol

Primary Abilities:

CLOAK SUIT: Stay cloaked for a limited time. Firing any weapon will disable the cloak and moving around will reduce it's effect.

CLOAK SUIT +: Stay cloaked indefinitely. Firing any weapon will disable the cloak and moving around will reduce its effect.

CLOAK SUIT ++: Stay cloaked indefinitely while firing weapon. Damaging an enemy player or moving around will cause the cloak to ripple for a short time. Mortally wounding or killing an enemy will disable the cloak unless using a silenced weapon.

Secondary Abilities:

SCRAMBLE: The Marksman and any allies within 15 meters will not show up on the enemy's radar, even while firing weapons.

SCRAMBLE +: Marksman will not be revealed when an enemy Tactician uses their Recon ability. Stacks with previous ability.

SCRAMBLE ++: Enemies within 15 meters of the Marksman will have their radars disabled. Stacks with previous ability.



PRIMARY: LS13 Shotgun, StA-11 SMG, StA-52 Assault Rifle

SECONDARY: StA-18 Pistol, StA-2 Battle Pistol, VC9 Missile Launcher

Primary Abilities:

DISGUISE: Infiltrators can disguise themselves as a member of the opposing faction.

DISGUISE +: In addition to being disguised, Infiltrators are undetectable by Engineer Turrets, Sentry Drones and Medi-Droids.

DISGUISE ++: Perform melee attacks without breaking disguise. Stacks with previous abilities.

Secondary Abilities:

SURVIVALIST: Increase stamina by 50% and sprint faster than normal.

SURVIVALIST +: Unlimited stamina and increased sprint speed.

SURVIVALIST ++: "Use" actions, such as placing and disarming explosives, are completed 50% faster.



PRIMARY: StA-11 SMG, M224-1A LMG, StA-14 Rifle

SECONDARY: StA-18 Pistol, M4 Revolver, VC9 Missile Launcher

Primary Abilities:

TACTICS: Can capture Tactical Spawn Areas in the level which, once captured, allow all faction membersto spawn there. Some Tactical Spawn Areas may unlock special level-specific objects, like jetpacks or mortar beacons.

TACTICS +: Reduces the time it takes to capture a Tactical Spawn Area by half.

TACTICS ++: Capture and Hold mission areas can be captured at twice the normal speed. Stacks with previous abilities.

Secondary Abilities:

RECON: Temporarily mark enemy positions on the mini-map. Any enemies within 30 meters of you will be revealed.

RECON +: Activate and throw a beacon to call in a flying Sentry Drone to attack enemies. If no enemies are present the drone will patrol the vicinity for threats.

RECON ++: Upgrades the Tactician's Sentry Drone, allowing it to track and fire faster.


Armor: begin with armor that absorbs damage that would normally reduce your health.
Extra Health: Increases maximum health.
Extra Ammo: Weapons start with more ammunition.
Extra Primary Weapon: Substitutes a secondary weapon with a previously unlocked primary weapon.

(Possibly place-holder)


M-82 Assault Rifle: Standard issue to all ISA combatants, the assault rifle is well suited to most combat situations. Equipped with a reflex scope, this weapon is deadly in the hands of an experienced soldier.
M-4 Revolver: One shot will severely cripple an enemy, or kill a wounded one.
M224-1A Light Machine-Gun: Friend to bunkered soldiers everywhere, the LMG's iron sights and a large clip size will make the enemy think twice about storming his position.
M-66 Machine Pistol: Equipped with a reflex scope and a silencer, the machine pistol is an ideal weapon for close range, surprise encounters.


StA-52 Assault Rifle: Standard Helghast issued assault rifle equipped with reflex scope. Sturdy, easy to use and ideal for just about any combat situation.
StA-11 Sub-Machine Gun: No othe rautomatic weapon is better suited to close-range, in your face encounters than the StA11.
StA-14 Rifle: A scoped semi-automatic rifle capable of felling most targets before they can get near you.
StA-3 Light Machine-Gun: Accuracy is overrated. The Sta3's high rate of fire and large clip size will clear out a room in seconds. A formidable close-range weapon.
VC-32 Sniper Rifle: With a long-range zoom and high accuracy, this rifle is capable of felling most foes in a single shot.
LS-13 Shotgun: The LS-13 is a powerful semi-automatic shotgun equipped with a reflex scope. Whatever this hits stays dead.
VC-9 Missile Launcher: Capable of destroying turrets and drones in a single shot, the VC-9 Missile Launcher is the very definition of an anti-armor weapon.
StA-18 pistol: Standard issue semi-automatic pistol.
VC-8 Shotgun Pistol: The best weapon for a close-quarters fight, nothing says 'up close and personal' like the VC-8.
StA-2 Battle Pistol: Increases grenade storage capacity and fires grenades farther than any soldier could ever

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Killzone 3 full list of Weapons and Unlocks
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