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 Batman: Arkham Asylum - Boss Guide

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PostSubject: Batman: Arkham Asylum - Boss Guide   Wed Jan 27, 2010 6:32 pm

Here's a few boss battle tips during your quest to take back Arkham Asylum from "The Clown Prince of Crime" himself and some of Batman's notorious villains among his rogues gallery in the epic new addition to the Batman video game library, Batman: Arkham Asylum for the PlayStation 3

Boss #1: Bane

Bane has three main moves.
He'll lower his shoulder and charge at you, which you'll have to dive roll
out of the way. He'll tear chunks off the wall to throw at you, which
you'll also have to dodge. And if you're close, he'll try to slap you, so
don't get close. Also, if he gets damaged enough, he may take a moment to
heal himself with his Venom.

The main trick here is to throw a Batarang at Bane when he charges (then
quickly dodge) so he covers his face and slams into the opposite wall. You
can try punching him after he connects with the wall, but it's risky. More
than likely, he'll slap you away. Anyway, note his health in the upper-
right corner, and how it's in three pieces. When one piece is drained, you
can strike him a few times to leap on his back and rip out some Venom
tubes. After you do that, he'll pound the ground, creating a small
shockwave, so step away.

That's how you beat him, pretty much. The only problem is that on the
second and third pieces of his health, Joker sends goons in to help out,
making things rather complicated. Try to let Bane do the work for you, by
charging through and throwing rock at the henchies, but don't get so focused
on that, or else you'll get walloped. Keep an eye out for him charging at all
times while fighting, and whip out a Batarang then dodge without
hesitation. Once you tear out the last of the tubes, the fight will be
over, even if there are mooks left.

Boss #2: Titan Henchmen

This fight is not entirely dissimilar to the Bane fight earlier.

You need to bop them with Batarangs once they start charging, which is
easy to spot because they raise their arms to either side and growl rather
distinctively. This is basically just a matter of being aware what the
other one is doing while you focus on the first one. Try not to take
potshots after they hit the wall unless you're sure the other isn't
attacking you at the moment. Let the wall-crashing wear down their health.
Once one health portion drains, you can hop on the Titan's back and it will
start swinging around wildly. Steer the Titan so you can use that against
the other. Once all three health portions are gone, you can perform a
Titan Takedown by continually striking it. That's about all there is to
it. Just avoid their slaps and throws, and you can even try to steer one
into the other if possible.

Boss #3: Titan Ivy (Poison Ivy)
The Ivy has two main attacks.

One is to lower closer to the ground and slam it. Grass will spring up, and
then creepers will swarm that grassy area, so avoid the grassy parts,
because the creepers that follow will choke you. However, the creepers
are only dangerous the moment they spring up, so you can actually enter
them after they've finished sprouting. Still, not something I'd
Recommend. The other attack it employs once it rises to its full height.
It will shoot spores from its "arms", so dodge them when they fire. To
damage Ivy, all you have to do is wait for the main bud to open up and toss
a Batarang into it, which it will do periodically while it fires spores.
After you hit her, you'll get a rapid-fire barrage of spores, so watch for
it, and keep moving. Ivy will open up a total of three times during any
one "spore firing" phase, so you only get three chances to hit her before
the plant sinks back down and uses the creeper attack again.

Once you drain her health bar, the main bud will drop down. Run up to it
and lay Explosive Gel on it. You'll soon discover that you drained ONE of
Ivy's TWO health bars. Fortunately, you also just regained some health
from that (which you probably need). In the next phase, Ivy will call on
some hypnotized goons to fight you, all the while making creeper grow, so
watch out for them. As for the goons, make an attempt to try to punch
them off the edge of the platform to get them out of your hair quickly.
Once all the goons are down, you'll resume the normal fight, only this
time the spores will shoot much faster, so be quicker on the draw with
your Batarang (don't worry about aiming, a quick shot will do it). When
she resumes the creeper attack, a few more guys will show up. Continue
your Batarang attacking and eventually she'll drop to the ground again,
where you can blow her up again.


Joker will begin by swiping at you, so stay out of his range.
Run around in a circle away from him and wait for him to hop up onto the
back ledge and let his goons work you over. While you're fighting them,
he'll drop pipes for them to pick up, as well as walking Joker Bombs. You
can either avoid them until they explode, or try to toss a Batarang at
them. Once you're just about done with the goons, Joker will turn his
back on you to showboat for the crowd. Use the Ultra Batclaw on him to
drag him to the ground, then punch him up. That's one stage down, and
you'll be healed. For the next stage, he'll send in goons with knives.
Also, they'll try to go for the Gun Cabinet on the back wall, so be sure
to keep an ear out for the alarms. Just remember NOT to try to pull the
Joker if there are still goons around, or they'll punch you off and you'll
have to start over with a few more goons. On the third phase, you'll be
dealing with stun batons and guns as well as the rest. Pull Joker down
for the third time and congratulations, you have beaten the game and can
now relax!

At the end of the final cutscene of the game, you'll either see the hand of either Bane, Killer Croc, or The Scarecrow grabbing a crate marked 'Titan' which is seen floating in the sea outside of Arkham. These appearances are random due to the fact that the 3 super villans are still at large!

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PostSubject: Re: Batman: Arkham Asylum - Boss Guide   Fri Jan 29, 2010 7:36 am

damn nice. thanks for posting.
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eCk Team
eCk Team

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PostSubject: Re: Batman: Arkham Asylum - Boss Guide   Fri Jan 29, 2010 11:17 am

bosses in batman are so damn easy even on hard ;/

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PostSubject: Re: Batman: Arkham Asylum - Boss Guide   

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Batman: Arkham Asylum - Boss Guide
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