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Our clan is called eLiTe CoVeRt kiLLaZ and the clan tag is eCk.

We are a friendly bunch of dedicated ps3 gamers of all ages from all over the world.

The founders of eCk are myself GuNKa from the UK and KingKenny76 from Ireland. We are always on the lookout for members for our clan. We are currently playing KillZone 3 with regular tournaments held each week. Our clan also play anything where you have to shoot or blow stuff up. If this sounds like a clan you would consider joining please register on our website. We look forward to hearing from you.

We welcome all other clans to join our forum to and we are soon creating a Worldwide clan page with information and links to other clans.

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 You want to know what we've been doing in Home?

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PostSubject: You want to know what we've been doing in Home?   Thu Feb 05, 2009 6:03 am

Quote :
Okay guys and gals - as promised, we’re going to give you a peek into what to expect in terms of content updates in the very near future. Note: We’re not releasing exact dates to the public on any of this. Don’t ask; we won’t tell. The only way to make sure you don’t miss out is to log in to PlayStation Home often.

Anyhow, coming straight for you all are:

A proverbial boatload of game spaces - including spaces for Warhawk, SOCOM, Resistance, and many, many more (we’ll announce more spaces in the coming weeks)...

Of course, you’re all aware of the EA Sports Complex. But let’s just say that is coming sooner rather than later. And it’s cooler than you imagined.

These spaces will usher in the next phase of Home. They will begin to utilize this uber-powerful platform’s true capabilities. We’re talking unlocking items in the games you play from Home (and vice versa), mini-games that take full advantage of the Sixaxis controller, game launching integration. The whole shebang!

We also have leaderboards. Huzzah!

You can also count on tons of apartments and clubhouses that boast increasingly interactive environments. These spaces are freakin’ awesome. You’re going to love ‘em.

Picture frames are coming back. We’re not giving a solid date at this time, but suffice to say you will have them very, very soon.

You’ll have more music, more regularly. And, yes, there will be all different styles (this means that all of you rockers can rejoice!)

You’ll have a bigger Theater, and it will be full of videos (and not just trailers either).

You’ll be able to customize your avatar with more gear – and this stuff is hot. Oh, and there are tons of options for the girls as well. We’re not forgetting about you.

And, to top it all off, we’re gonna be throwing tons of parties, contests, and other events in Home (including a special event to coincide with Valentine’s Day. It’s going to be a killer event). The prizes will be bigger and better than ever before. If you haven’t participated in anything we’ve done before, we’re sure you will now.

See, we weren’t lying when we said we were going to make good on our word to you all.

We appreciate your patience while we make the final tweaks to ensure that all of this is smooth as can be. And we appreciate you diehards keeping the faith while the naysayers pretended like the Beta launch was the be-all, end-all of Home. No way, no how.

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You want to know what we've been doing in Home?
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